We are an architectural design firm based in Sapporo, Hokkaido, with a presence extending beyond Hokkaido to various regions across Japan. Our aim is to create architecture that not only uplifts the immediate surroundings but also contributes positively to the broader environment - an approach we refer to as 'environment-making architecture.' Every day, we engage in a process of experimentation and refinement towards this goal. Achieving meaningful impact on environments larger than the structures themselves, and fostering enduring relationships, demands a range of innovative approaches within architecture. At times, this entails fortitude to resist being overshadowed by the surroundings, while at others, it involves a spirit of humility to complement and enhance the environment. Through such thoughtful and iterative processes, we strive to create architecture that is truly innovative and responsive to the unique context of each era, location, and client.
Areas of Expertise/Strengths

・We are capable of designing for various scales including architecture, furniture, and landscapes.

・Our architecture inspires the surrounding environment, whether it's urban, rural, or natural landscapes.

・We strive to create buildings that become part of the landscape over time, supporting people and industries and becoming assets passed down to future generations.

・Looking towards the present and future, we propose buildings that are truly necessary, unconstrained by conventional wisdom yet retaining their essence.

・We are capable of providing design and supervision services throughout Japan. In addition to our headquarters in Hokkaido, we have a track record of projects in diverse regions such as Tohoku, Kanto, and Chubu.

・Residential architecture is one of the most appealing types of buildings. We create homes from scratch that firmly support the envisioned future and affirm living in that location. We often assist with land acquisition as well.

・For businesses in manufacturing, production, and service industries, the challenge of where and how to build multiple buildings such as production facilities and offices is significant. We propose the best architecture and landscape to endure over time, while maximizing corporate culture and brand value by carefully deciphering the characteristics of the location.

・We excel in employing local materials, techniques, and resources in innovative ways.

・While interest in energy efficiency and SDGs is increasing, for us who constantly consider architecture in the face of the harsh climate of the northern regions, considerations for various performance aspects and energy efficiency are not just important but prerequisites. We believe that the value of architecture lies beyond mere metrics and slogans, prioritizing comfort, the cultural charm nurtured in each region, and fostering rich relationships with the surrounding environment. We consider the latter as the true purpose of architecture's existence.
Project map
Project map
Through our diverse projects including thoroughbred farms, wineries, distilleries, precision machinery factories, hotels, cafes, beauty salons, shops, and residences, we have gained invaluable insights from our clients' livelihoods and philosophies. These insights and discoveries serve as guiding principles in our pursuit of creating new architecture. Architecture is essentially a collaborative endeavor, shaped by this collaborative spirit. We deeply appreciate such collaboration and consider it the nourishment for creating new architecture. Please feel free to reach out to us for any inquiries.